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The Order of the Escapists - the Initiation
The Order of the Escapists - the Initiation


Look around: This is the world’s biggest escape room. A whole city. We, the Order of the Escapees, have transformed the city. Today, we welcome you as a new member of the order if you succeed in the tasks ahead.
We have left you little signs all over the city: puzzles, clues, hints. Read the signs, connect the dots and if you truly wish to see, look beyond what is at eye level. Want to get from A to B?
Then get the secret document of the order and use your head!

Are you ready to be initiated?

2-6 people
2 km
age 8-88
59,00 €
The Harlequin Code
The Harlequin Code

Compete against the evil Harlequin!

As soon as you have been accepted into the mysterious Order of the Liberated, you are sent on your first secret mission.

The evil Harlequin threatens to steal all its colors from the world and plunge it into a dreary existence of black and gray.
Only you are able to thwart his diabolical plan. However, you have to get involved in his sick game and solve his unsolvable puzzles.
Are you clever enough to outwit the Harlequin and save the world?

Coming from Spring 2023

2-6 Players
1,5+ hours
2 km
8-88 years
0,00 €
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