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Experience a completely new interactive outdoor escape game with ParaPoly.

A room becomes a city, and a game becomes an adventure!

In ParaPoly, you become the main character of a board game that has become real and the whole city becomes a game board. Move by move you advance one board and, if you successfully solve all the tasks, you will reach the goal and discover your city from a completely new side.

With ParaPoly you will experience an exciting scavenger hunt 2.0 in the urban atmosphere of Nuremberg.
Whether as an outdoor company event, bachelor party or just with friends or family.

Germany's first 24/7/365 outdoor game combines the best of board game, escape game and sightseeing tour.


Then get your e-ticket now and experience an adventure of a special kind.

How does it work?

This is what you need:

One e-ticket per team
    of 2-6 players
    (available in the ticket shop)
The printed playing card
     for your track
A  pen for notes
A smartphone with
    internet connection
A flashlight  
weatherproof clothing
Tickets for public transport

Tickets & Gift Cards
This is what you can expect:

⇒Playing time approx.
   2.5 to 3.5 hours
Distance: approx. 2-3 km,
   depending on the route
Knowledge factor:
   Learn interesting facts about
   the sights of the city
Team size:
   2-6 Players
Playing times: 
   Anytime 24/7
   Not necessary

How to play:

Activate your e-ticket
   to get your credentials
   and start the game
Log in to the game server
   with your credentials.
Solve the first,
   location-independent task
   to find out your starting point
Solve the respective task
   on the spot to unlock your
   next puzzle.
Crack all the codes and unravel
   every secret of the game to win.


Gift cards for every occasion!
Gift cards for every occasion!

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